Howard supports diversion (destruction) of McArthur River

We heard about this last year, but it is relevant in the context of the Prime Minister’s newfound concern over our water, over our rivers. Amazing the change in a few short months.

In late September, 2006, John Howard was trying to protect the Kokoda Trail from being mined. “We obviously respect the laws of Papua New Guinea but the Kokoda Trail is of enormous historic and military significance to Australia and there has to be a way that fairness and justice can be done to all interests,” Mr Howard said.

In early September, 2006, Mr Howard was lobbying the Northern Territory Government to approve the open-cut expansion and diversion (destruction) of the McArthur River. It would seem that, to John Howard at least, the McArthur River isn’t as significant as our military history nor is it seen as an important water issue.

Perhaps he needs to take a (another) look at the McArthur River and read a little history about the McArthur and its military history, about the battles and massacres that took place there. He he could start with Tony Roberts excellent account, Frontier Justice: A History of the Gulf Country to 1900, 2005, University of Queensland Press.

Maybe our new Minister for the Environment, Malcom Turnbill can find a way of delivering fairness and justice to the McArthur River and its People.


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