Federal Court

mcarthuriver has been a bit quiet lately as we wait for the Federal Court decsion – no word yet on the date, but I will let you know as soon as it happens. I favourable decsion will see the mine stopped, I wonder what Howard and Rudd would say to that.

 Here is something to remind you of what we are fighting for (thanks to anon for the photos)

the mine

tailings dam

One response to “Federal Court

  1. hi fellas,
    boorollola community are happy to have jobs and a pool provided by mining income. but not accept that the river changes its path every few years, natuarally..the mining company is just interupting it for a few years, the same that happened in Kakadu the place the mining has been has introduced more natuaral biodeversity and less foreign species than “natural scrub…come on people you are on the net…one of the most environmentally damaging intoductions into the 21st century..thanks for giving us a wonderful christmas present, my hubbi wondering if he will have a job in the new year….its all about conning the trasitional owners in beliving that they will be better off without mrm, I can only hope the young bloke who my hubbi is training will find a new tradie in Borrolla to take him on ..I don’t think so, he will be off to the city and the community looses a dedicated hard working young man. Spend a few years in the NT rather than your southern cities, and find out the true contribuion it makes to society…

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