“Mikur balkimbikarnyi yargi – don’t destroy our land.”

Protecting the Gulf Country provides regular updates, news and information and campaign resources highlighting resistance to invasive mining in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Our key focus is the environmental, cultural and economic impacts of Glencore’s contested McArthur River Mine. Attention is also given to the significant risks posed by abandoned legacy mines and the cumulative impacts of imposed and reckless mining on the Gulf region’s people and environment.

It is managed by Lauren Mellor of the Environment Centre NT. Comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Environment Centre.

With thanks to Charles Roche of the Mineral Policy Institute for original materials from the McArthur River blog.

Queries or contributions in the form of articles, blog posts, news items and events are welcomed, and can be emailed to lauren.mellor@ecnt.org

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  1. Simple solution, send the decision makers up there, take them fishing for a week on the system, they will learn to respect it. Let them eat and live off the land as I have, mix with the locals. Don’t stop the mine, many locals depend on it, but don’t divert the river. The local water testers are more concerned than they get credit for. You will get the truth from them, they know its their families that would be affected if they get it wrong. The mine is not causing issues as it is now, just don’t let it get any bigger. I plan to retire there and don’t want my backyard trashed.

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