Campaign Resources

Films and articles for the protection of the Gulf Country

Sick Country is a new short film produced by the Environment Centre NT with Traditional Owners and the community of Borroloola speaking out about the damage done by Glencore’s imposed and reckless mining at McArthur River. The film captures people’s aspirations for a just transition to a future free of invasive mining for the region.

Developing the North -Who benefits and who bears cost? A Case Study from the Gulf Country 

A presentation at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies delivered jointly by Jacky Green, a Garawa Elder from the South West Gulf Country, in the Northern Territory and Sean Kerins, an anthropologist based at the Australian National University who has worked extensively on community development initiatives in the Gulf region.

Poison or Poverty: Glencore’s Blackmail of Borroloola

0I4P2191S Read more about Glencore’s financial and environmental mismanagement at McArthur River at the Mineral Policy Institute.



One response to “Campaign Resources

  1. sent to glencore swiss center.

    dear sirs

    i would like to inform that your branch in gdansk ofers misleading job offer regarding your good name and reputation using private e-mail adress but not your company , gives also misleading information about the offer and current conditions

    i want to report it to your main office and also contact this to trade unions and the court of labour in poland , this is abusing cynic tactic of your managers which can lead to bad reputation and loss of clients . ..

    regards Marcus Wazewski ..

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